Top 30 Best Halloween Songs

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We conclude our list of the Top 30 Best Halloween Songs with punk, industrial, and of course – Michael Jackson and Vincent Price!

Top 30 Best Halloween Songs

Entries 1 – 10

10. My Life With The Thrill Kill KultConfessions of a Knife

Thrill Kill Kult’s name originated with Frankie Nardiello, who was touring with Ministry in 1986 as a lighting technician. Calling himself Groovie Mann, he hooked up with his friend Marston Daley (who called himself Buzz McCoy), started My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, and the rest was history.

This is probably the best album Thrill Kill has ever done. With songs like Daisy Chain 4 Satan, Rivers of Blood, Years of Darkness, and Do You Fear, it’s a masterpiece of spooky industrial sounds.

9. The FibonaccisTerrorVision


Cool little tune that served as the main theme for the B horror comedy TerrorVision. Get the song here for free.

8. Skinny PuppyWorlock

Industrial giants Skinny Puppy released the evil sounding “Worlock”, which had gained some popularity partly because the music video was banned in some places. The video features violent scenes that were cut from various horror pics. See below:

7. The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack

Yes, we would be remiss if we didn’t include Rocky Horror!

6. Aphex TwinCome To Daddy

Wicked track from Aphex Twin, AKA Richard D. James. And once you see the video, you won’t forget it.

5. KornKidnap the Sandy Claws

From The Nightmare Before Christmas

4. Tie: Bigod 20The Bog and ShriekbackNemesis

First up is a cool industrial tune from Bigod 20. Here’s a lyrical sample:

See How My Tentacles Got You Under Control
You’re Already Caught in the Palm of My Hand
You’re Easy to Swallow, I’m Sucking Your Back
I’m Taking Your Ankles… You’re Back Into the Bog
I’m Taking Your Legs… You’re Back Into the Bog
I’m Taking Your Knees… You’re Back Into the Bog

Shriekback’s Nemesis is another great dark, dance-able track with cool lyrics:

We feel like Greeks, we feel like Romans
Centaurs and monkeys just cluster round us
We drink elixirs that we refine
from the juices of the dying
We are no monsters, we’re moral people
and yet we have the strength to do this
This is the splendour of our achievement
Call in the airstrike with a poison kiss

Priests and cannibals, prehistoric animals
Everybody happy as the dead come home
Big black nemesis, parthenogenesis
No-one move a muscle as the dead come home

3. MinistryStigmata / Every Day Is Halloween

Great songs from a great industrial band. Everyday Is Halloween is a goth classic that is from an era Grandpa Al J. isn’t really interested in revisiting. Stigmata is from the album Land of Rape & Honey, which continued their move away from synth pop to a hard industrial sound.

Watch the video for Stigmata

2. BauhausBela Legosi’s Dead / Stigmata Martyr

Epic tune from Bauhaus/Peter Murphy, you can also catch it at the beginning of The Hunger. Failing that, just take a trip to your local goth club.

You also might recognize Stigmata Martyr (it was featured in Night of the Demons)

1. Michael JacksonThriller

Self-explanatory! Michael Jackson’s Thriller, with the special appearance by Vincent Price, is the ultimate Halloween song. The video itself is a masterpiece.


We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 30 Best Halloween Songs! Happy Halloween and Happy Listening!

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