Trip To The Buddhist Hell Gardens of Thailand

Photos of Wat Phai Rong Wua, Wat Wang Saen Suk, and Wat Thawet

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Those not familiar with Buddhism might not be aware that they do indeed have a hell. And if you take a trip to one of the hell gardens of Thailand, you will see interpretations of what happens to the folks who go there. Buddhist Hell is called Naraka, and there are many ways to suffer for people who have bad karmas. Naraka, unlike the Christian hell, is a finite existence, but it is still long enough that it might as well be eternity (for example, life in “Hot Narakas” can last anywhere up to 3.39738624 × 10^18 years).


There are three hell gardens in Thailand that we are aware of – Wat Phai Rong Wua, Wang Saen Suk, and Wat Thawet.

Wat Phai Rong Wua

Phai Rong Wua is located in Suphanburi, Thailand. Phai Rong Wua has the largest metal-cast Buddha figure in the world, along with many sculptures of people being tortured in the afterlife. It’s popular with families. (Seriously. They come from all over and bring their kids). (source)


Wat Wang Saen Suk

This little torture chamber recreation is located about 90 minutes south of Bangkok, Thailand by car, along Bangsaen Beach. We’ve seen it referred to as the “Thailand Hell Horror Park” but it’s not really a park, it’s more of a Wat garden (“Wat” means “monastery temple”) that depicts what happens in Buddhist Hell. (source)


Wat Thawet

The small Buddhist Hell garden called Wat Thawet, located near Sukhotai, was created in 1976. It’s also referred to as the Buddhist Learning Garden. When you walk through the symbols of torture, you should surely “learn” to behave yourself in this life. Wat Thawet is not as popular as the other, more horrific hell gardens, but it is a bit older. (source)


By the way, Avīci is the lowest level of Naraka, and the worst. You don’t want to go there.


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