Wolfie Blackheart and the Severed Dog Head

Sarah Rodriguez, 18, Investigated Over Decapitation Of Missing Dog

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Wolfie Blackheart Photo

The rise of “teen wolf” culture in the United States (basically Twilight-lovers who dress goth, wear tails, fangs, and contact lenses) seems harmless enough. But there is one infamous “werewolf” who has been tied to the subculture that seems a bit more dangerous. The threat, however, seems directed at pets, not people.

We are talking about the case of Wolfie Blackheart, real name Sarah Rodriguez. She’s 18 years of age and lives with her mom in San Antonio, Texas. She’s infamous because a few months ago, a photograph leaked out which was taken in her house – the photo is that of a severed dog head, as seen here:

Censored Pic of Severed Dog Head

The story, according to My San Antonio, goes like this: “Wolfie” was informed of a dead dog, said to have been hit by a car. The dog had gone missing from its owners’ backyard for a few weeks at this time. So Wolfie goes out to retrieve it, takes it home, cuts its head off, boils the head, and then ends up with a nice dog skull as her trophy.

And it sounds like she’s done this before. Listen to her quotes:

“People make the mistake of hacking the spine, which will fracture the skull. You also have to put (the head) outside for the brains to leak out.”

The photo of the dog head, taken by somebody else, ended up on the internet, and that spawned an animal cruelty investigation by Animal Care Services and the San Antonio police. Protesting that she is simply interested in taxidermy, Wolfie said “I would never kill a canine. I am a canine.” and “I would be more likely to hurt a human than a dog anyday.”

Cops investigated her bedroom, a place decorated with anime and wolf posters, and cleaned skulls of a boar, ram, and coyote. Says Wolfie’s mom: “Wolfie does have a bloody refrigerator, but they’re all dead animals.” The body of Rigsby the dog was not found.

Wolfie’s mother Lisa Rodriguez doesn’t seem to have a problem with any of this, as long as her daughter doesn’t sever any animal heads in front of her. Take it to the woods! Wolfie dropped out of high school early, and also has a bit of a criminal history, involving carrying of weapons on school campus (a skinning knife), a burglary accusation, and an animal mutilation charge.

Wolfie has Tourette’s syndrome, which causes her to yip, a result of head trauma suffered in a car crash about a decade ago, her mother said. And she’s into a lifestyle that involves bondage, which necessitates a dog collar. “The collar means I belong to someone. It’s not a fashion statement.” She’s also a member of a wolf pack. “I’m a wolf, and I have a group of other friends who are canines.

Says mom: Wolfie would never harm an animal. She likes road kill.

Wolfie Skull Collection Wolfie Blackheart - harry potter

Supports of Rigsby the dog have set up a website and Facebook page. Wolfie has her own Facebook profile and a fan page, too.

252 Responses to “Wolfie Blackheart and the Severed Dog Head”

  1. Aleyster says:

    STOP STOP and STOP delirium, i know nothing about Photoshop but i am Legal DrPh. (Coroner) and a one second glance on this dog (muscles contactions, EYES and ears) said THIS DOG IS ALIVE on THIS PIC !!! no more détails needed.

  2. bri says:

    What about people who mount deer and bear heads on their wall? No one bats an eye at that… Get a grip, people, actually take the time to figure out what offends you, and then start bickering.

  3. Lara says:

    Even if they were dead, she just fucking mutilate animals corpses. Having tourette’s syndrome doesn’t excuse what she has done. I have paranoid schizophrenia, OCD, and i dont do sick things like this. If i found a dead animal, i will dispose of their bodies with dignity. I’ve found last week a couple of two injuried birds, and i brought them home and take care of them until they can go. It’s not because you have a mental illness that it will excuse poeple to do some mad shit.

  4. Midnight says:

    I do not see a problem with this. Someone requested this be done. Who cares? Stop talking shit about it. It is pointless.

  5. Iso says:

    Yeah yeah she cut the head off of a dog. Unless the dog was alive I don’t see the problem. I’m just like Wolfie in a sense that I’d hurt a human rather than a dog any day because just like her, I’m a wolf. I have been for a very long time and I could never intentionally hurt a dog or any live animal really. Everybody needs to lay off her. I can’t watch another Alpha be hammered like this.

  6. joseph says:

    I don’t think you took that poor dogs life. But if you really think about it

  7. joseph says:

    oh and ah next you receave a skull keep it of the internet

  8. Wolfie Whitestar says:

    The picture was bad and I have never seen it but I don’t think Wolfie killed the dog but I heard her friend wanted the skull. I’m a therian and I would never hurt any animal Im more likely to injure a human than kill an animal

  9. ignacio says:

    I would like to cut her head off and boil it and put as a trophy in my room after torturing you till you become catatonic

  10. Coleman says:

    She is undercover police.

  11. Coleman says:

    “Honeypot”. So beware fools who meet her.

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