Comments on “Wolfie Blackheart and the Severed Dog Head”, Page 1

Comments on “Wolfie Blackheart and the Severed Dog Head”, Page 1

May 26 2010 Categorized Under: True Horror Stories 260 Commented

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260 Responses to “Wolfie Blackheart and the Severed Dog Head”

  1. James says:

    Mad bitch.

    • HexMagyk says:

      No! she ain’t no mad bitch! What do have against people that aren’t human? I’m a Nightmare! What you got against me? Who are you to judge someone??? Tell me that! I’m sure there are a million and one reasons to judge you!

    • death star says:

      first of all shut up. second of all stop being retarded. i have friends that are really good friends of wolfies. who ever call her a crazy bitch i say you are one so shut the f### up and get over it.they are just different and you dont like that so if you got a problem with it why dont you say it to our faces. the dog wasnt hers i know that for a fact. it was already dead. and yes it was hit by a car. and no we hate twilight and we also enjoy being around the pack. its like our second family. also the guy who died was justified to commit suicide. he wasnt forced to by a pack. and the pack who does that is actually called THE SUICIDE PACT with a T. get you facts straight before runing your mouth!-DEATHSTAR

  2. Evan says:

    The fact is, she is just a crayzed anime/twlight fan. There is nothing wrong with being one hence many americans are. If whats she says is true then she has done nothing wrong, her “friend” states it was her dog, so bottom line if anyone is up for trial it would be her friend. As saying “this is my dead dog, you can boil and slaughter it” she is giving away rights to an animal she claims as her own, so she is the one at fault and should be Punished very midly by owners if they chose, but no law violates this. Nothing has been stated yet that shows she has done anything wrong

  3. sloane says:

    i’m sorry but teen wolves aren’t twilight fans. there have been wolf nerds like this since the dawn of time.
    1. she didn’t realize she was on school property with the knife
    2. she didn’t kill that dog, it was already dead
    3. she didn’t have anything to do with the burglary

  4. Ashli says:

    I found nothing wrong with Wolfie. She chooses to be the way she is so people need to shut the fuck up. Let her do what she wants to do. I understand it is odd for most people but just leave her alone.

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  6. anon says:

    A collar is one thing, but a fucking dog vest?

    • R-VOX says:

      Anyone who hates Wolfie, or even any werewolf or non-human, is a BITCH-ASS NIGGER! (Especially ‘U ARE FUCKIN FREAKS, ASSPIRATE!)

      Long live Crimson Blood Wolf Pack. I plan on visiting you sometime…


  7. Lil' Wayne Gacy says:

    I’m with Evan on this.

  8. TalaRei says:

    This has nothing to do with Twilight. I personally like Twilight, but I’m not a twi-hard. Wolfie has just run in to a few situations that suck, she hasn’t done anything wrong. Just because she looks and acts differently does not mean that we should all persecute her and judge her. Fitting in with the pro quo is boring. Normal isn’t a real thing. Normal is when more than one thing is exactly the same and doesn’t change- which guess what! Doesn’t exist because we are alllll different!
    Get over yourselves and leave her alone.

  9. Cr33py Crawl says:

    nuthing wrong here a bit weird yes but nuthing wrong, the dog was dead, and besides people, im born and raised from tennessee in a small redneck town, i see deer skulls and crap all the time on ppls cars and living rooms and you dont see that on the news do you? so no big deal

  10. Xenith Anthfrac says:

    I support Wolfie, she knows killing animals right on the spot is worse than already finding them dead. She obvioulsy has a hobby that she ‘enjoys’ doing. She would confess if she did a real crime. I know she would, I believe she did nothing wrong. Let Wolfie Blackheart free!

  11. Skelition2 says:

    She did nothing wrong, it was already dead… i live in the same city as her, i know a few Wolf Pack members that go to Marshall… i support the Wolf Pack, even though im not in it i love wolves to the death… everyone needs to stop picking on them

  12. yuyuyu says:

    this girl is deranged sorry but it’s true. she needs pyscological help! thats not normal and the people in her so called “pack” are asll messed up, saying that they’re going to blow up schools and what not. It’s stupid, get over yourselves!

    • Oh really? says:

      Where does it say anything about blowing up schools? . I didnt see or read any thing about that.

  13. Ben Dover says:

    urr crazyyy get over your self cycle
    yewr a fcken pusssy.yew bitch asss qirlll.!
    yewr not a fcken wolfff.

    • death star says:

      You are a fucking pussy you stupid mother fucker! shut your mouth before i shut it for ya. dont you EVER talk about wolfie again! she is the awsomeness person in the world. if you got sumthin to say why dont you say it to me. but i wouldnt unless you live near a hospital! to BEN DOVER
      LOVE-DEATHSTAR mother fucker.
      P.S.back the hell up.

    • Shade NightClaw says:

      *ahem* Let me try to tell you this in the nicest way possible. Plese stop talking about wolfie. No, that’s not right. HOW ABOUT ALL YOU WOLFIE HATERS SHUT YOUR GOD DAMN MOUTHS BEFORE ME N MY PACK RIP YOU TO SHREDZ!!! Thats better. She is not crazy, I am the alpha of the Blood Woven Wolf Pack in PA and I for one think she is awesome. so YOU are the fucking pussy, YOU need to get over yourself, YOU are crazy, and YOU can go and suck a dick. :D

      Love: The B.W.W.P’s alpha

  14. Puppie Whiteheart says:

    H3y iTz mi PuppI3 Wh1t3H3@rT, im lyk the Alt3R 3GO of Wolfie. So jus’ wanted to t3LL y@LL &&& l3t u N0; th@T W0Lfi3′s D@D is MiCh3Al J. Fawkz. Sh3′s deffff!n!telie p@rt woLf3. <3


  15. MAMA W0lF3 says:

    This is some crazy person right here. I for one do not support her actions… Would u cutt off a dead humans head no its unmoral duh n all you her supporters of her are probably freaks!! mama wolf OUT ;)lmao(dumb bitchess)

  16. Howlfang says:

    This whole shinanigans has gone on for far too long. Stop projecting your pathetic self-centered egotistical FEARS placed in you by “the machine fueled by the blind” upon self-confident people who have the guts to show it. Wolfie must have heart to take all that flak for nothing but a misperception. I am ashamed of my foolish race! Well to sum it up here goes: “What you do not know, you will fear. What one fears, one destroys.” – Native American Chief Dan George

  17. Dreka Ookami says:

    Wolfie rules and you all know it! You could tell from the picture the dog had been dead the eyes were swollen ^^

  18. kyle says:

    I was involved with this case since the picture was first posted online. I made the facebook group and worked with the dog’s family and Rescue Ink to help get justice for this crime. I found this site while looking for news stories about the recent teen suicides in wolfie’s area of texas. three kids attempted, only two succeeded. oh, and they were all members of her wolf pack and they had a suicide pact with each other. it’s seriously messed up.
    I’m sure everyone defending her in the previous comments would change their mind if they knew what really happened… I’ll sum up the facts really quick for you guys. the dog wasn’t hit by a vehicle, three qualified/certified taxidermists and one veterinarian confirmed this. her friends that helped her confessed but they wouldn’t testify because they were afraid of the repercussions they would face from her wolf pack. oh, and they also aren’t fans of twilight, they believe they actually aren’t human, but wolves in human form or something.

  19. Howlfang says:

    Interesting,very interesting.
    I congratulate you Kyle for your earnest research into the situation. Honestley, I have only been following the incident for 2 weeks now. So a sound opinion from the other perspective is refreshing and open for consideration. I would really like to follow up the story more myself, especially the whole wolf-pack aspect as this subject has somewhat eluded me so far, I believe it will shed more light on the motives for the incedent. It does sound abit freaky when it’s put that way. Thanks for your input.

  20. el Jefe says:

    I dont give a shit about how kids want to express themselves. Its a free country and you can do what you please. I people want to kill themselves and spend an eternity in Hell and think that that is going to be better, then go for it. Just so you kids know, once your dead you WILL NOT turn into a wolf, you WILL NOT have everlasting life, you WILL BE dead, and thats it!!!! If you want to kill yourselves go for it, but think about what you are doing to your families first. As a parent of a high school student at Brandeis, now you are crossing the line with the rumors and bullshit about shooting up the schools. We have enough to worry about with our jobs, families, mortgages, car payments, ect…., without your stupid grasp for attention. Knock your shit off and make something positive out of your lives whether in the “wolfpack” or not.

  21. jay grad2010 says:

    So i’ve heard about this whole wolf pack thing from a bunch of my friends at various northside schools, and just about all the students agree that their is some suicide pact going on. there hasn’t been much released pertaining to the failed suicide attempt to prevent a lot of drama from building up, and there is also no knowledge that the suicides will or have continued since the failure. these gun threats and bomb threats are very real as two students who were known members of the wolf packs were found with guns on a northside campus. The wolf pack members say they aren’t out for attention but they seem to be getting a lot of it right now and aren’t doing a thing to take it off of them. If you think there’s something more important than a shooting happening at your child’s school, and the most in danger are Brandeis, OC, Clark, and I believe Stevens, then by all means make them go to school but don’t bitch and cry when something happens because if you would have taken things more seriously, then your child wouldn’t have to go through such a traumatic effect. Of course the district is downplaying the severity because absent students lose them money, but if your student says they’re afraid, I wouldn’t take it lightly

  22. katie mclauchlan says:

    i’ve been a werewolf 4 years and i eat cats and dogs wolfie blackheart gave me the strength to speack out

  23. el Jefe says:

    Nope my student thinks that all this is just stupid, the way that these “wolfpack” students are trying to make it as they are the victims. The way that they are all crying and complaining that they are being targeted. And no, while you may think so, whether it be your adolesent mind or the fact that you are just talking out of your ass, there is nothing more important than the well-being and safety of my children. Thats why i am speaking out, because I do care. When I was a teenager I picked a group to belong to also. It was called the “United States Marine Corps” and made a difference in my life and also yours. Helped give you all the right to wear wolf tails, and lenses, to write what you want to on these blogs. But so help me if something happens to one of my children at on of these schools due to a wolfpack shooting. Myself and several others within numerous veterans groups have already discussed an open season on wolf hunting. Well i guess that then they wouldn’t need a suicide pact then would they?

  24. u are fuckin freaks! says:

    u are all fuckin idiots and are going nowhere in life…enjoy being fuckin losers for the rest of ur lives..

  25. Brittany says:

    Omfg, DO YOU REALIZE how stupid you look? I mean honestly.
    To all the little kids that are supporting ‘wolfie’
    Please continue to cut yourself and cry harder because no one UNDERSTANDS YOUR PAIN. Nothing but little fucking what? 14-19 year old fagots that don’t have shit to look forward too. GOD do us all a favor and die, maybe then you can all come back as wolves and live happily ever after.

    I agree with the comment someone said about being fucking idiots and losers the rest of your lives, because thats ALL you guys will be.

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