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Comments on “Wolfie Blackheart and the Severed Dog Head”, Page 2

May 26 2010 Categorized Under: True Horror Stories 260 Commented

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  1. Linda says:

    I personally think these kids will be.. non successful in there lives if they keep thinking there “wolfs” YOUR A PERSON!!! you walk on two legs you have a tail bone… not a wolf tail… You do not have “animal spirits in you” impossible… All of you are targets for being bullied it’s your own fault.

    To say this nicely
    All you kids are F###ing stupid
    grow out of it and
    f###ing get lives and do something useful with them
    being a wolf will get you no where other than the Sam’s shelter.
    when you grow up your gonna feel like a complete dumba##.
    You already look like dumb a##es, and losers…
    I’m appalled that your parents let you be the way you are
    i allow expression but come on wolfs?
    More like future losers of america… enough said.

    • marcelo says:

      u know what i think that these kids have been through so nuch pain and they were probaly normal kids but everybody treated them like outcast so they deiced to make a group where everybody would protect each other from harm way….
      this make me so mad that people judged someone by the way they look i have a friend whos in the wolf pack and they are the nicest people i ever meet.So if u cant see the good in them then youre the real monster not them.Alot of them have been through so much pain that they just want died but does the news mentioed this no so SHUT THE FUCK UP AND UNLESS YOU BEEN THROUGH WHAT THEY BEEN THROUGH I WOULD SUGGEST TO STOP TALKING TRASH ABOUT BECAUSE U R ALL DUMB ASSES

      • skywolffang says:


      • OLIVIAJUDD says:

        dear marcelo i totaly agree im a teen werewolf and think that well im a wolf your a person leave it as that and drop it ok people life dosnt last long why not live it the way its meant to be lived as yourself and thats exactialy wat is haapping here me wolfie and a buntch of others happen to be wolves in a pack of wolves your people oin a cliqe of people were not the same get over it.i were collars i hve a pack im alpha and i LOVE WOLFIE.i were a tail.i howl and run under a full moon so wat if i dont turn into a giant wolf thing im a wolf insisde and i let it rig true im me and your you wre all diffrent some more than others and i love people for that. i stand up for my pack you mess with one of us you mess with all of us. so haters SHUT THE FUCK UP WOLFIE IS A BETIUTIFUL GIRL AND YOUR NOTHING BUT A HATER!!

    • Oh really? says:

      Linda you talk a load of crap!
      First nothing is impossible! Just improbable.

      Second, some of these kids only have one…to no parents. There ae lucky ones with two. Who let them do what they want, within reason.

      Three, you have got one serious problem!
      …enough said

  2. John says:

    People, mind your own business and if you don’t like the way others dress, talk, or act don’t go there. So, the deer head in your den, the leather shoes on your feet, your steak dinner, and the leather bag at your side are all fine, but Wolfie is in the wrong? I think not. I am actually proud of her. She didn’t pretend that her trophy, meat, or leather goods magically appeared in the store, she accepted the blood truth and got here trophy herself. To graphic for you = hypocrite.

    • hailey s. says:

      me 2 john…me 2 its a lifestyle we choose dont get mad at us and who r u 2 tell us whats wrong with us what about stuff u do to huh if u were us and ppl told u this crap…dont!

  3. Bella says:

    Fuck you up the ass with a sharp stick Brittany and Linda. I agree with John. You assholes don’t understand. YOU should slit YOUR wrists and go jump of a bridge stupid wenches.

  4. R-VOX says:

    And Bella, John, Linda, and Brittany, I’m gonna nuke your houses if you badmouth Wolfie again! SO SHUT YOUR PENIS-LICKIN’ YAPPERS!

  5. jenna says:

    okay look, let her do what wolfie wants i mean i used to have a wolf myself her name was sadona she was so pretty but we had to give her away . i have teeth and claws of many animals such as ,cougars,lions, and wolves. wolves are my passion and i love them to death. so yea my friends think it is wrong but i’m not like them. i am my own person and i would never give up the love of my wolves.So all of u who dont like who wolfie is just leave it alone. You are u so be u do not inter-fear with her life.and if u don’t like it SHUTUP!. Anyway so yea wolfie just do what u want ps. please don’t kill anything please.=) thanks

  6. jenna says:

    by the way i am not saying u are killing anthing =)

  7. WOLFDOGSOUl says:

    LIEK ZOMG I R WOLFIE. They may not like twilight but im sure they do. If they were orginal this would of existed before “werewolves” become famous.

    Man i hope they bring back the draft. They are killing themselves anyway. Seriously kids do what we did back in the day. Go down to the drag strip and race or watch them race. Go out and skateboard.

    I was a loner always alone in highschool. So i lifted weights. Next thing you know i stand @ 330 pounds of hell. I did not need “wolfie” blood to be strong.

    A true wolf is alone. He requires no pack.

    • Meara says:

      I like you, you’re not stupid. :)

      And a wolf needn’t be alone; there is always a family, waiting with open arms. (Not arguing, just agreeing and adding.)

  8. mr3 says:

    got this sudden urge to watch wolfen again

  9. Delta13 says:

    i think your all fukin whacked in the head…theres nothing wrong with liking taxadermy, hell all the redneck souther people who hunt deer and pig, how the fuk do you thiink they have those trophies on their wall, and as far as being total fukin emo’s big fukin deal… what, is it only accetable now to be a prep or a cheerleader or a jock… what happen to individuality? so what so its not your taste or your style or your thing..fine then don’t look, don’t listen and don’t be involved but don’t critisise, i personally am not a fan of emo’s i think they need to harden the fuk up and get over it, but i don’t think they are complete assholes like some of you on here portray them to be…like one peron on here said, where the fuck do you think your food and lovely gucci bags come from..dead i really think people should stop judging and critising things they don’t understand…

  10. Delta13 says:

    and to wolfie and her supporters and friends…. your not a wolf… or a werewolf, while the thought nd sentiment is nice, as i too favour the wolf and do beleive similar to the native american that we all have an animal totem in side us and again favour the wolf… i also know your not a werewolf… but again good on ya for choosing to be different…but with this i bring you a warning… while i agree with your individuality… rememebr one thing… being TOO different also brings unwanted attention sometimes as this whole case has proven… so again, go, be different but just be prepared for the genral publics scorn, ridicoul and desire to punish that whch they do nnot understand

  11. H-wolf says:

    wolfie do what u want dont listen to anything ppl say if they’re talking crap and to all those ppl that get so mad over this…BACK OFF WE COSE IT AND IF U DONNT LIKE GEUSS WHAT NOT MY PROBLEM OR WOLFIES IF WE CHOOSE IT WHO CARES IM WITH YA WOLFIE

  12. Anonymous says:

    These fucktards give kids a bad name. No longer are punk ass kids limited to sagging jeans down over their asses that make them look like they have a load,
    But now, with newer, and gayer concepts, people can make believe and put it into a real life situation. You are not a wolf. You are a human being. That is also why you walk on two legs. I’m sorry, but nobody really gives a fuck. Really. Your “Pain” from breakups and loneliness well not be accredited by anyone else. So suck it up.
    If this is for attention; Well, good on ya. You managed to create an utter shitstorm from lies and deception. You got the short lived attention you sought after, but now it is over. If this indeed is real, then may your soul forever burn in the deepest pits of hell, as you scream in agony from eternal pain and suffering. And I’m sure, if you walk up to just the right person, it’ll be your head in someone else’s hands. That is all.

    • Oh really? says:

      When you said “no one gives a fuck” this should go here > ………
      And what makes you think it’s lies and deception?
      Theyve said it’s not for attention!
      I’ guessin your christian to a degree because you said “may your soul forever burn in the deepest pits of hell”, and blah blah so on so forth.
      I’ve nothing against christians personnaly, even though there are things wrong with the religion i find (but thats for another thing, dont worry)
      but yeah, we carry on.

      So should you!
      Dont like, dont get involved.

  13. Luna says:

    Cant just people stop care how other peoples dress and what they do. I’am a Tenn Werewolf and nobody can take that from me! Hwo cares if we go whit a tail, who cares if we howl, who the hell cares at all?! I dont know Wolfie Blackheart or her friends, i dont even know about her school because i live in Norway, but i think Wolfie is a very nice person and a great person. IM WHIT YOU WOLFIE!! <3

  14. Nagareboshi says:

    Real wolves don’t dress in black or cut themselves. They also do not cut the heads off other canines and post the pictures on the internet.

    Real wolves also do not collect weapons, or practice taxidermy(which is actually a respectful hobby so long as it isn’t done in a way that mocks an animal or so long as the animal was already dead)

    Real wolves are all about family. They raise their pups, establish territiories, and hunt for their families to provide food.

    You can say that regular people themselves are like wolves…in “ideal” families the parents take care of their children and provide for their kids the same way a wolf parent does.

    Real wolves accept who they are, not lay about wishing they were other animals.

    Oh, and Real wolves don’t have to rely on their non-wolfy parents to give them a roof over their heads or food to eat, unlike plenty of other “wolves” I know.

    This comes from a person who once considered herself a wolf, but realized that it was better to be human, if only to become a vet and help real animals in need.

    • Luna says:

      We dont always dress in black. And we dont cut ourself, we stand for what we belive in. Not everybody in the wolfpack collects weapons. Wolfie Blackhearts netpage or blog o whatever it was, were hacked and somebody stole the pictures or someting and lay it out on the internet. And something i dont understand is why everybody are eing rude whit her when it is thousands of other peoples in the world doing the same stuff everyday.

      • Nagareboshi says:

        I think it’s more the fact that she cut the head off a neighbor’s dead dog and kept the skull. I doubt she would do that to a living dog, since it looks like she owns one from her pic. However, imagine how you would feel if your own dog ran off, got hit by a car, and someone cut it’s head off and kept it. I would be hopping mad. I growl just thinking about it.

        Besides, I never see real wolves wielding knives. If wolves had thumbs, we’d be in serious shit when they decide to repay us for killing them off!

        • Luna says:

          If somebody killed my dog whit a car, i wouldt care about that, but if somebody cutted the dogs head of and kept the skull, i wouldnt care at all. I would just say that they did a very wrong thing and they should bury the body on a nice spot.

      • Oh really? says:

        Because most people think normal is good. Even though when I ask how do you explain normal.
        I dont get an answer.

        Most people hate other people who are different.

        I ask the same people, what is different, the answer I get is “out of the norm”. meaning not normal.

  15. Silverwing says:

    Everybody hwo are haters, if you do not like what Wolfie Blackheart have done, why bother reading about her? I’m a wolf to, of course i do not ¨slay¨ dogs. It’s what we do. (I’m just 13 so I still haven’t learned all the fighting and hunting tequnices yet)
    But that’s not the point, what I’m trying to say is that it’s our way of living, I am also a girl and i would rather slay a dead dog than a living dog. I DON’T CARE IF YOU WANT ME TO SHUT UP BUT I MEAN THAT IF YOU HATE HER SO MUCH; LEAVE HER ALONE!!
    And here’s some extra: I would never hurt an animal unless it would attack me, but still: I SUPPORT WOLFIE BLACKHEART !!!

    • Valeerah says:

      I totally agree with ya’ ! people should just mind their own buisness! And as has been said before: I support Wolfie Blackheart!

    • Luna says:

      Im allso 13, and a girl. I dont get that peoples are watching the videos of Wolfie An KimrahNightFang and so coment a lot of crap on their videos, its fucking pathetic. seriously, i dont really get that. I dont like to kill animals, or birds dont do anything. But its thousand of peoples in the world doing in this every fucking day! And that to just pay attention to her (sorry for my bad english) and stuff, its just reard.

  16. Kitty says:

    it’s no one’s business but the family’s and Wolfies. Like really? Stop Hating. I’m not taking sides but still. It needs to stop.

  17. ☢☣ ☯ToxicWolf☢☣ ☯ says:

    Well…this is pathetic..reading all the stupid comments..lmao..u guys stop with all the hating and leave her alone..wut r u? 5 years old? lol im 12 and i got no problem with her or others opinions..just with the hating…and yeah its a life style..i preatty much have her life style….i dont cut heads..but i collect bloody knifes..

  18. ☢☣ ☯ToxicWolf☢☣ ☯ says:

    Ps….stop with the caps lock button :P such an abuser..

  19. z!!-st@rh says:

    loool…jus leave Wolfie alone shit it’z her life not Ur’s i don’t Evan see why u guys Evan bother wid her if u don’t even like her….and it’z none of ur fucking business any way…and don’t sit there discriminating her coz u don’t Evan noe her im british get to noe…k.m.f.t

  20. Alex says:

    Rofl, It’s non of my buisness, but she’s kinda hott. :) XDD. Rofl. I do find her very attractive, and I love how she said she loves animals and would hurt a human over a dog anyday. Oh my hero, lol. I would do the same. I love dogs and wolfs. :0 I Wanna be a weir wolf!

    • ..... says:

      So doe that mean every dog you see at the road sie you will take its head off thats just wrong!! i diagree with the whole thing pure animal crulty.. next she will probly dig in the nearest grave and chop the persons head off do you think that is right??!?! its sick minded!!

      • ..... says:

        So does that mean every dog you see at the road side you will take its head off thats just wrong!! i dissagree with the whole thing pure animal crulty.. next she will probaly dig in the nearest grave and chop the persons head off do you think that is right??!?! its sick minded!!

        Ps.. Sorry about the miss spellings my laptop broke oh and i have nothing about the werewolf thing its just the dog :(

        • Alex says:

          Noo. XD. Means that I find her attractive by looks lameo. >_< You obviously can't read. I didn't refer or put anything to the thing about the dog. You cannot read… She's hott by looks. :x

  21. Beckie says:

    I believe that a teenage girl can be interested in taxidermy. But i do think its quite over the top to believe you are a wolf, instead of a human being. But then, i also tend to feel the same way about righteous Christians who try to convert people. People say these things that they believe in, and its alright to believe in what you will. However, i couldn’t be swayed to believe that these people are wolves. I enjoy being human. Also, i hate these cliques that high schools have. Regardless of what you are, its just a label. I did not participate in categorizing myself with a certain group. Where i come from, it could be easier to just get along with everyone. At first i feel bad for “the wolf pack” because they seem to have been through rough times and ridicule. But when i see a supporter blurt out things like “You stupid virgin cheerleader” doesn’t that make you all the same? Just a bunch of haters? I am sick of these assumptions of what one another are. Its ignorant and i really wish that you guys could just go on with your daily lives without being judgmental of others.

  22. Delta13 says:


  23. DISDICK says:


  24. Ryan says:

    First off humanity sucks. I am a wolf too. I would never call myself human because humans naturally are violent, abusive rapist assholes. Look at the news… And this. Someones different and you automatically judge them. Who are you to judge asshole? Most likely the people your talking trash about can snap your spine in half. And obviously there are wolf spirits -.- because look online. There’s ALOT of people that believe that they are really wolves and they believe it with all their heart. So obviously there are spirits or nobody would think they are wolves at all. People that judge what they see are stupid close minded indeviduals that are really a disgrace to walk the street. You idiots really just make me laugh though. Because with people like you I can justly say I don’t have to think I’m smart. You people prove that I’m smart. Because I accept everyone for who they are in a nation of racists. And I’m a wolf. Meaning that humans.. I’m better then every single one.. Of you. :D oh and btw technology is destroying the world. -.- get back to your roots and use what mother earth gives you. I can’t even drink out of a lake anymore without getting sick because of the pollution. Mother earth will get back at you. And when she does I’ll laugh and join in on her blood fest >;3

    • Luna says:

      I cant either drink from a lake whitout getting sick, and humans are taking oil up from the sea just because of the money! srlsy! MONEY! They are just making the water worse when they take up oil from the sea. Some of my friends ask me if i could drink water of puddles that they find on the road, but i allways say that that the water makes me sick because the water is dirty, cars, boats and airplanes are the biggest problems for earth, they have started somewhere to make fuel out of poop and pee now. I should really wish that humans can stop badmouth us one nice day, one day the wolves would take over the world and make u feel bad, like u humans made us feel bad…

      • Meara says:

        Oh my gods, really? first, our grammar could use improvement.

        Secondly, wolves CAN’T take over the world. I highly doubt the Mother would allow that to happen. yes, humans did it. But take a look at Earth; it’s in pain. Because humanity, all of us, you, me, and that Ryan guy, have crossed our boundaries, and stepped out of the natural order.

        Obviously humans don’t ALL badmouth wolves; look at yourself. You’re not badmouthing them. ;)

        • Luna says:

          Im not badmouthing them because im AM one of them, and why are you saying that wolves cant take over the world? it cant happen. srsly, why cant you and the others haters stop care? We are who we want to be are belive in, like somebody belive in god some beluve in helle sombody dosen’t belive in god or hell.

          • Meara says:

            The natural order the Mother and Father have created would not allow Wolves to take over. We have crossed our boundaries, which is where pollution, murder, rape, and other negative things root from. Our Karma.

    • Meara says:

      Though I understand your….speech, you’re human, whether you like it or not. If you’re Spirit Guide is a wolf, meaning you have actually found your guide, then congratulations. Finding your Spirit guide is a major achievement.

      Also, should the Mother ‘get back,’ at humanity, you won’t simply ‘laugh and join her blood fest.’ You’ll be apart of that revenge; you’ll be included. No Human can simply claim themselves non-human. You’re born this way.

      PS; Looking online doesn’t prove anything about the majority of the population believing they are wolves.

  25. Meara says:

    Defiling any creature in death is something that I nor any respective being should EVER do. It is a disgrace to think you must decapitate a deceased canine, even if your spirit guide is a wolf.

    And to all the other major population of humanity who believe they are a ‘Were-Wolf,’ do understand, the wolf may NOT be your spirit animal. Though I have yet to find my own, I know that your Spirit Guide may not even be an animal. So please, stop rambling about the Moon affecting your human form or of such. Were-wolves are something like Necromancy; a few blokes in a pub made it up to mess with peoples’ heads.

    • Luna says:

      You dont understand the meaning of Teen Werewolves, Meara. We are a group of wolves, that belive that everybody have a wolf appart of us, and I dont see myself as a human, they are naturly violent, and i more prefer to hurt a human than an animal. So stop hating, we are different, so? everybody have some uinqe about themselves, like preps or goths or jocks, they are different from eachother, and you arent hating them, you are hating us, it’s pathetic. and btw, you guys are wasting time commenting at this, and I’am wasting time on this, but i just want this to stop!

      • Meara says:

        You believe you are part wolf?

        Alright, listen. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. Like I have stated, your Spirit Guide may be a wolf, but I can guarantee only 1 out 1,000 ‘Teen Werewolves,’ actually HAVE the Wolf as their Spirit Guide.

        By Stating you would rather harm a human than an animal, you are really contradicting yourself. Humans are part of the Animal Kingdom; we are bipedal mammals. We just have a more intricate way of life. Also, you make yourself out to be no better than the average human being.

        Love, if you ‘just want it to stop,’ don’t go on and on about being a ‘Teen Wolf,’ to a person raised as a Witch.

        • Wolfie Blackrose says:

          Wolfie Blackheart is my idol. My inpspiration. Shes amazing. But people are saying that police are saying that shes dead, killed herself. Does anyone know whether thats true or not? I hope shes not dead. Ok she can seem crazy but really shes just different. Good different. Like me.

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