Comments on “Wolfie Blackheart and the Severed Dog Head”, Page 4

Comments on “Wolfie Blackheart and the Severed Dog Head”, Page 4

May 26 2010 Categorized Under: True Horror Stories 260 Commented

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  1. FtA says:

    Im a werewolf… But I don’t have a pack yet… Go Wolfie!

  2. None says:

    You should not public it like this.
    If you are in search or need of us, We will come for you.
    But certainly not with this media.

    Plus the picture of the so’ called ‘wolf head’ is fake.
    Easily noticeable.

    • Alpha Jynx says:

      You know, it actually is real. You just wish not to believe it. And one thing this article left out, the dog was dead when it was brought to wolfie.

  3. 10,000 fists in the air says:

    She is innocent if everyone beat down on each other for being diffrent this world would have problems…oh wait we already do that I like to say don’t know her don’t judge her she could be very nice for the record!

  4. creep says:

    ooooohh?! shes into taxidermy? nice!! c:<

  5. Rafe says:

    Okay. You guys are all fucked. The dog was dead before she cut its head off. Then, of course, she was lied to. Someone said it was their dog, when it wasn’t. So of course, she got into some trouble, but nothing that serious. She isn’t sick, she isn’t too weird, I mean I would be willing to do the same thing, and I’m sure there are a lot more people out there willing to. Wolfie Blackheart is an amazing person, sure I may not know her personally, but from what I’ve heard, seen, and learned about her she’s awesome and more people should realize what she’s doing. People who judge someone for the way they dress, act, or appear are ignorant, and just need to burn in hell (if you believe in that sort of thing) and if not, then…I don’t know, just go jump off of a bridge and die. :D

    • Sabrina A says:

      I love wolfe I belive her story
      KEep wolfie in mind

      • Rafe says:

        I just don’t understand why people keep making a big deal out of this. There are more issues people an be focusing on, it sucks the dog died but Wolfie would never kill a dog. Besides, it’s the same as killing any other animal as far as I’m concerned, you just have to have the guts to do it. (not saying I would ever kill a dog unless I absolutely had to, but think about it, humans kill everything else for the most part).

  6. Black )O( Wolf says:

    Well anyone that is for the harasment of wolfie, needs to read your bible. Anyone that wants to keep herasing her needs to grow up and relize that herasing a lil girl is not going to bring a fucking thing back from the grave. You will accomplish nothing from this. Your only showing how pathetic you really are. Is your life so fucking boring that you haft to heras a lil girl to make yourself feel better about your pathetic life. Grow the fuck up you dumbass retarted peaple. Your doing nothing but showing you have no place to speak….. And wolfie contact me. Black )O( Wolf

    • Rafe says:

      Black )O( Wolf, I have no idea who you are but thanks. Woflie didn’t do this for some stupid cult thing, she gave her side of the story, why would she lie? It just doesn’t seem right. Sure her cutting a dog’s head off was weird, but according to her it was already dead.

  7. Kitti says:

    Me and my boyfriend are werewolves and proud! We cheer on wolfie fuck ya!! Go wolfie!!!

  8. wolfforce says:

    You people saying this is ok are just sick. And I’m a person who does have a skull collection in my bedroom saying this (and yeah, I’ve even got a couple of dog skulls too…one was a dog skeleton who I found in the middle of a river on a sandbar with a collar, and I tried to contact the owners but no dice. The other was out in an undeveloped and semi-abandoned subdivision out in the country side, but there was only the skull left and it was very old, and I could tell it was never buried at any point).

    It’s people like this who give taxidermists or people interested in the body parts of the dead a bad name. If a friend came to her with a dead dog, shouldn’t she know whether or not it was her friend’s dog? I know my friend’s dogs! You’d think someone who claims to be a canine would take special interest in that kind of thing…after all, she’s more likely to harm a human than a dog, right? Why bother getting to know the dog owners at all?

    There are laws about picking up roadkill, and in many places it’s illegal. In others, you have to contact the appropriate authorities and obtain permission. Regardless of that, you should NEVER pick up someone’s pet! My dog was hit by a truck, and I would have been PISSED if someone took him, no matter what their intentions. He wasn’t THEIR dog to do anything with. Then to post pictures of it online bragging about it…what the heck do you expect? If you REALLY want the remains of a domestic animal, then leave it be long enough to know that no one is going to claim it at least. Believe it or not, owners like to have closure about what happened to their pets. This means wait until it’s decomposed past the point of recognition. I’m glad this girl was made an example of, because that’s just sick.

    And all of you people saying this is ok, or cheering her on, you’re just something else. It’s people like you guys who make me ashamed that I’ve worn a tail for the past 5 or 6 years, and been obsessed with wolves for the past 11 years. This groupthink is messed up in the head. Wake up and smell the coffee: there’s nothing good about what this girl has done here. She doesn’t deserve praise just because she’s one of you. I’m a furry and even I think this whole wolf-pack-craze is a joke. Grow up.

    • Shasta says:

      1) She wasn’t the one who picked up the road kill, her friend did.
      2) i dont know all my friends pets. She may have not been close friends with this person or have been to their house. i haven’t been to lots of my friends houses.
      3) This is fucking Texas. i can pick up road kill if i want. what police car is gonna be like: oh wasn’t there a dead dog here yesterday?? :\ Seriously
      4) maybe the dog wasn’t wearing a collar. How could Wolfie have known? as far as she knew, it was her friends dog and her friend wanted the head to come off. So technically, the “owner” knew what happened to the dog.
      5) Wolfie didn’t post the pictures online and brag about it. Someone else did.
      6) I’m not defending Wolfie “because she is one of us.” im not a wolf. im a cat.
      7) you might want to study some more about this subject before you get online and rage about it on some website.
      act more adult..

  9. Rafe says:

    Alright, either way it’s not that bad, the dog was dead and brought to her by a friend. She didn’t know so shut up.

  10. Sigrun says:

    Hm sounds like she needs some help. I question why would she like taxidermy unless she wants a career. It sounds like she’s on a very slippery slope. Im certain she’s innocent by doing a little homework on my own:

    She admitted that hackers (such a anonymous, 4chan, encyclopedia dramatica, ect.) posted those pictures to harass her (just for the lulz):

    Plus they have a page of encyclopedia dramatica smearing wolfie:

    Wolfie complaining about it:

    And look at the decapitated dog picture closely and carefully compare it to this image of rigsby:

    You’ll notice only a few differences of you look carefully notice how the photo with the decapitated dogs picture seems blurry from the person holding the dogs head but if you look at the dogs head the image is focused. I don’t think when your holding a camera and taking a picture some parts are focused and others are blurry due to a shaky hand? I think not. The image of the dog when it was alive. Granted they look the same but look at the top of both of the dog’s heads the one that is alive has that light brown/brownish marking on the top of the head and is VERY close to the down middle portion of the head over the black fur border. With the decapitated image we should see that considering that we CAN see a Quite bit part of the middle lower portion of the head. But guess what? We don’t.

    A.) the image is a fake, it isn’t rigsby.

    B.)It may have been photoshopped or touched up with either an image from the Internet

    C.) or someone had the balls to actually cut off a head of a dog and then take the picture of it then touch up the image. but I don’t know who would do that unless it may have been someone who really HATED her. Who could it be? I dot know from all what I looked at this is sadly what I could cover so far. I don’t know wolfie personally. I hope she pulls through.

  11. I am a teen werewolf in mississippi, i am with yall.
    I do not have a pack to call me but i am with wolfie blackheart.

  12. if thare is any teen werewolves in mississippi, me know, i live in bay st louis. And to all people that do not like us teen werewolves levth us alon.

    • yoru lux says:

      =D i has a wolf pack in Laurens and greenville lol mines pretty big so far its cool to no theres soo many wolf packs out there mines a bit diffrent form others though bc its suicide prevention group =)

  13. wolfalchemist says:

    that girl is sick! in her head, if she is a real wolf&canine lover, she would not have did that to that dog, its bad enough the dog got hit by a car, i am wolf lover at heart, and i would never do somthing GROSS!!, looking in that dogs eyes it makes me cry, to see, somebody saying that they love a canine, bitch! all you are is a normal girl with probloms!! and who ever likes wolfie are fucked up in the head too!! im a true wolf!! every single one of yall are posers!!

    • nightwolf says:

      no she not, i do that too roadkill animles
      how can you call youself a wolf if you call afelowwolf sick

    • Shasta says:

      1) im a cat. not a wolf.
      2) dont call them posers.
      3) get your facts straight.

    • Alpha Jynx says:

      Hey bitch, I’m not a poser. I’m a teen werewolf, a wolf and leopard therian. I’m also Wiccan. Bitch just because you wouldn’t do it doesn’t make her sick, so fuck off. She did it for her freind, it was dead, and she’s a taxidermist…some taxidermists get similar requests once in a while. Grow up, don’t like? Don’t hate, don’t comment. It’s people like you who piss me off.

    • VeganBunny says:

      People should be angry about the death of one of our fellow earthlings, but that being said humans do this sort of thing everyday. Every time they open their mouths and put flesh into it they are harming our friends either by eating them or stealing woodlands and prey from them. When I learned that wolves were being hunted by ranchers as ‘pest animals’ I quit eating meat to help out. All animals deserve to live and die with dignity and what this young pup did to a fellow canine is nothing short of blaspheme. For a friend or not if you identify with animals then you should know better than to put them on display the way the world does us. I have nothing against the pup other than that…and that tail…you know how humans get those don’t you?

  14. nightwolf says:

    anyone on or has smoething to say

  15. yoru lux says:

    the pic is photo shoped im in my own wolf pack mine was created to prvent teen suiside though lol so guys stop freaking its pritty obvius its photo shoped and the blood looks fake… my wolf pack is the amber moon wolfpack in memory of a dear friend how past away im alpha yoru i i kinda look up to wolfie her idea to make a pack befor any one else and to be diffrent and not care even when so many people hate her she has guts

  16. ICP Head says:

    kids should just be normal Juggaloes

  17. Hanky Panky says:

    im a WOLF. I like to smell other wolf butts and lick my peepee.

  18. Shadow heart says:

    wolfie is an amazing wolf! she has shown me that not only do u need to be brave, but u must use your mind when it comes to what u will do i order to protect your pack! we all know that wolfie is a rare type and she is a protectorand will do anything for anyone .

    my only wish is that she would contact me so i could talk to her!!

  19. Wolfie Blackheart says:

    o.O True I don’t brag about it -.-

  20. wolf link says:

    hi im bored :\

  21. Dark Wolf says:

  22. WolfMcWolfsteinWolfertonWolfieWolfson says:

    You people are so passionate about all kinds of subject matter, yet no one on this entire webpage has mastered the art of spelling. Maybe instead of patching a tail on your ass or filing your teeth down, you should giving reading a try. P.S. The Twilight series grossed around $408 million since it’s release. It isn’t considered “different” or “original”, it’s quite the contrary. Stop trying so hard to represent the anti-normal. Your desperation is showing. You want to be a part of something? Be a part of the FRACTION of this earth that is secure, confident, and selfless; because the majority is too busy crying about wanting to be “different”.

    • creature says:

      haters will be haters, but when in the hell do you guys shut up? its not as if were gunna care on what you have to say. All it is, is words

  23. creature of the dark says:

    wolfie your realy hot ^.^

  24. Alpha Jynx says:

    I am a wolf and leopard therian, aka, werewolf/werecat. We don’t turn into animals on the full moon, and we’re not all fucked up. Look I’m getting really sick of the hate comments on wolfie, you don’t have any clue what she’s been through. Don’t like her keep your opinions to yourself because we support wolfie, not for what she did, but for what she symbolizes. Sh symbolizes courage, to stand up to yourself! To be who you are and ignore the haters! It’s because of her I was able to come out with being a Wiccan and a therian. Haters just please shut up, and keep to yourself…..please.

  25. Phillip Carter says:

    I think this person is disgusting and if that were my dog I would cut their head off while they were still breathing and put it on my shelf. That shit is sick. That’s how serial killers get started. I don’t want to hear this Wolfie piece of shit would never harm an animal. This piece of human garbage was holding the head of someone’s family member that was loved. I love my dog as much as I love any person on this earth and if that was my dog, God help this piece of shit. The law needs to put this waste of human life in prison for awhile before someone cuts your head off for a trophy. Disrespecting the dead is a one way ticket to HELL where Satan can take care of your sorry ass, and by the way, nice parenting mom,you piece of garbage.

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