Comments on “You Tube Scary Movie 4″, Page 1

Comments on “You Tube Scary Movie 4″, Page 1

March 22 2007 Categorized Under: Horror Spoofs one Commented

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  1. i love scary movies and i never ever have had one single nightmare so thats a reason i like scary movies like scary movie’s 1,2,3 & 4 the first is not so bad the second one is okay but the third and fourth are dead dead scary and belive me once you get into it you will be alright and you will be the same as me you will have no nightmares at all you can eat popcorn whilst you are watching it like i have done it before and nothing happend to me because you might be the one getting scared but me im not scared at all so like i said about the popcorn you might get a fright and by accident you might fall back and the popcorn mi8ght go all over you and you will have to pick it all up so thats why i take easy with the popcorn in my hand and thats the end of my likeing scary movies

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