Comments on “ZANI Interviews Caroline Munro”, Page 1

Comments on “ZANI Interviews Caroline Munro”, Page 1

June 18 2008 Categorized Under: Horror History 6 Commented

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6 Responses to “ZANI Interviews Caroline Munro”

  1. If this gal caroline is a distant relative of mine she makes every munro proud-also, my cousin in North dakota looks so much like caroline-it’s scary

    • la verga voladora says:

      chingas a tu madre tu y tus pinches parientes de mierda ya mero un pinche bastardo de cagada va a ser pariente de un chica ta hermosa como esa y se me hace que tu te pareces a sherk pero en feo hijo de tu puta madre y tu y tu primo en dakota chingen a su ruputa madre webos pendejo

  2. marcos says:

    muito linda essa deusa do cinema,caroline munro!espero que a televisão reprise os filmes que ela fez ,para brindar a todos com a beleza magnifica dessa atriz.

  3. Vunderground says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Women don’t come any better looking than Caroline Munroe.

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