Zombie Ass – Toilet of the Dead

Scatological Zombie Spoof From Japanese Director Noboru Iguchi

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There’s a movie trailer hitting the rounds on Facebook that goes by the name of Zombie Ass – Toilet of the Dead. The trailer is very funny and is done in an over-the-top, grindhouse style, with a Japanese twist, of course. The cute Japanese girls, the toilet humor, the bizarre English – all there. Take a look:

The fact of the matter is – this trailer is not a spoof. It’s a real movie that was released last year. Zombie Ass – Toilet of the Dead was directed by Noboru Iguchi, a name you might recognize. Iguchi is the mastermind behind such gore epics as RoboGeisha and The Machine Girl. Zombie Ass – Toilet of the Dead was released during Fantastic Fest 2011 and stars Arisa Nakamura, Asana Mamoru, Mayu Sugano, Danny from the Japanese rock group The 50 Kaitenz, and Demo Tanaka (a director of adult videos who Iguchi likes to use – this time he plays one of the zombies) director who often appears in the films of friends Noboru Iguchi.

Zombie Ass: Toiled of the Dead (Poster)

The synopsis, as constructed from Twitch and Japan Cinema, goes like this:

Trying to deal with her sister’s death, high school girl/karate student Megumi goes on a camping trip with her friend Aya, Aya’s asshole boyfriend Tak, big-breasted drama queen Maki, and nerdy Naoi. After Maki consumes fish from a nearby river infested with parasites (to keep her thin!), she turns into a zombie. Soon, a whole group of zombies, covered in feces and who knows what else, emerge from underneath an outhouse.

Kicking Some Zombie Ass

Kicking Some Zombie Ass

The result is karate action, pretty girls farting, ass-parasites, poop-covered zombies, and lots of jokes related to crude bodily functions. Obviously, we can’t wait to see it. Zombie Ass – Toilet of the Dead got a wider release this year. DVD release unknown at this time.

Click the thumbnails below to see more photos of Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead. If you read Japanese, the official site is here.

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