Zombie Survival Store Opens In Orlando

Army Navy Store Capitalizes On Zombie Craze

September 30 2013 Categorized Under: Horror News one Commented

It was probably inevitable – a new zombie survival store opens in Orlando, Florida. Kurt Joesphs, owner of the “Zombie Survival” store located off Sand Lake Road, has stated that he carries surplus supplies from the US Army & Navy such as gas masks, camouflage gear, backpacks, machetes and MRE rations. Basically, everything you need when the zombie apocalypse arrives. You can also buy: zombie targets (that bleed when hit), severed zombie heads, books related to zombies, even zombie garden gnomes.

“Zombies get people excited,” Josephs said. “It’s a craze right now.”

For Orlando locals: Zombie Survival is located at 6203 W Sand Lake Rd, Orlando, FL. It’s basically in the spot where Crazy Costumes & More used to be, sandwiched in between Light Bulbs Unlimited and a liquor store. (So you can get properly liquored up before killin’ zombies!)

Source: BreitBart

Zombie Garden Gnome

Zombie Garden Gnome

Zombie Hunting Permits

Zombie Hunting Permits

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