Dawn of the Dead in 3D

DOTD Producer In Middle of 3D Conversion Process on 1978 Original

July 20 2013 Categorized Under: Horror News No Commented
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Deadline Hollywood reports that Richard Rubenstein, producer of both Dawn of the Deads and associate of George Romero, has announced that he is almost done converting the 1978 original Dawn of the Dead to 3D. Having begun the process 6 years ago, he has an hour-and-a-half converted with a little over a half hour left to convert. The 3D version of the horror classic should be ready by fall. Said Rubenstein about Romero’s zombie film:

“It is proving to be more 3D-friendly than many films, because George’s style was to compose within the frame, rather than across frames. That means there is a lot of action within each frame, from front to back, and it makes the conversion process more friendly. It’s like you’re moving the audience closer to the movie.”

The producer also said that he had no intention of altering any of the content itself. Some of the companies involved with the 3D conversion are Stereo Pictures Media Inc and DNext Media.

Dawn of the Dead 3D

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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