Halloween Horror Nights 2012 – Orlando, Florida

Houses This Year: The Walking Dead, Silent Hill, Penn & Teller, Alice Cooper, and More

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Halloween Horror Nights 2012

Orlando, Florida’s Halloween Horror Nights 2012 revolves around AMC’s The Walking Dead. Now in its 22nd year, Halloween Horror Nights 2012 features the following:

Haunted Houses

  • The Walking Dead: walk through many of the iconic settings made famous by the critically-acclaimed AMC hit television series.
  • Silent Hill: based off the popular video game and movie franchise
  • Penn & Teller New(kd) Las Vegas: partly designed by Penn and Teller themselves, this one also features some 3D
  • Alice Cooper: Welcome to my Nightmare: follow Steven, the iconic character from many of Alice Cooper’s works, as you come face to face with a myriad of tormentors who threaten an already-decaying sense of sanity.
  • Universal’s House of Horrors: featuring the original Universal monsters
  • Gothic: The Catedral de Caementum Animus. With stone gargoyles come to life!
  • Dead End: experience the cursed old Hartford Mansion.


  • Street experiences : vampires, beasts, dead warriors, burned woman prisoners (with chainsaws!), “The Traditionals” (ghosts and goblins)
  • Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure: you should already know about this show! Still going strong!
  • The 20 Penny Circus: a magic show “For People With Questionable Taste” (hey, that’s us!)


Florida Residents may purchase in advance and can save over 50% off the full price admission ($88.99 +tax) with a promo code any Coca-Cola product or specially-marked cups from Burger King.

Sunday – Thursday: $41.99 + tax (per night)
Friday: $51.99 + tax
Saturday: $66.99 + tax

A general admission ticket (at the gate) is $88.99 + tax.

There are many different ticket options this year. click the following links:

Event Hours for Halloween Horror Nights 2012

  • 6:30PM – 12AM: OCT. 4, 17, 24, 28 & 31
  • 6:30PM – 1AM: OCT. 7, 11, 14, 18, 21 & 25
  • 6:30PM – 2AM: OCT. 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26 & 27

Halloween Horror Nights 2012 Location

Halloween Horror Nights 2012 is located at 6000 Universal Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32819

Have fun!

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