Hozon Trailer – Sci-Fi Horror From Red Rabbit Pictures

Directed by Dallas King, Starring Masashi Odate, Elsi Eng, Thai Edwards

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We have a trailer for Hozon, the upcoming sci-fi horror film from Red Rabbit Pictures. Directed by Dallas King, Hozon stars Masashi Odate as a CEO who performs scientific experiments to try to save his sick daughter but instead creates monsters (or maybe unleashes some kind of alien plague) that he must defeat, with the help of his Board of Directors. Hey, nobody said running a corporation was easy!

Hozon Trailer

Notes about Hozon

The Hozon trailer promises genetic abominations, zombie things, blood, bolts of electricity, and samurai swords. To us it kinda has this feel of Resident Evil mixed with Versus, which could be fun.

Hozon Poster

Hozon stars Masashi Odate, Elsi Eng, and Thai Edwards. Special effects by Mario Cisneros. Director Dallas King has created some shorts previous to this film, including Savior, Most Wanted, and Little Soldier. Hozon comes from Red Rabbit Pictures. For more, check out the Hozon Facebook page.

Hozon Photos

The following stills from Hozon come from the Facebook page:

Elsi Eng - Hozon

Thai Edwards - Hozon

Masashi Odate - Hozon

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