Little Reaper – Horror Comedy Short

Amusing New Short Film From Peter Dukes

June 6 2013 Categorized Under: Horror Shorts, Horror Spoofs No Commented
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A new horror comedy short is out called Little Reaper. It stars John Paul Ouvrier as the grim reaper, who is fed up with his difficult teenage daughter (played by Athena Baumeister). He makes her a deal – he will un-ground her if she takes over dad’s reaping duties for the day. Unfortunately, the little reaper is too interested in talking to her friends (some of who are banshees and some who have tentacles) to do any work. And without someone to guide the newly dead to heaven or hell, things go bad quickly.

Watch the Little Reaper below:

So the origin of the zombie menace is finally revealed – slacker teens!

Little Reaper was produced by Danny Derakhshan, Melissa Cottingham, Shane and Colin Mehigan, and Justin Castillo through Dream Seekers Productions. It was directed by Peter Dukes (who also gave us The Beast).

Little Reaper Poster

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