News On Hellraiser Remake and Hellraiser: Revelations

Direct to DVD Sequel Next Year; Theatrical Remake Still In The Works

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Hellraiser Puzzle Box
Pinhead is coming back – both to the big screen and the small. And without Doug Bradley.

First up is Hellraiser: Revelations, which is a low budget sequel in the long-running Hellraiser series of films. Call it Hellraiser 9 if you like.

According to Shock Till You Drop, Hellraiser: Revelations is a “stand alone” story, but is a more proper Hellraiser movie, and by that we mean it’s not another script turned into a “Hellraiser” film at the last minute (and only features a brief cameo from Pinhead). According to screenwriter Gary J. Tunnicliffe, the film will feature Pinhead, the puzzle box (Lament Configuration), and the Vagrant (“What is your pleasure, sir?”)

Tunnicliffe: The story centers around a dinner party held by one of the families of two late teenage boys who ran away and went missing in Mexico. Strange video footage and items were found at their last known location, but nothing has been heard from them for over a year. The dinner party is filled with tension and strange revelations. But the evening takes an even more bizarre turn when one of the boys – bloodied and terrified – turns up. Soon a mass of secrets, hidden agendas and evil truths take us on a journey into the bizarre and terrifying world of Pinhead and the Cenobites.

This will be the first time Pinhead is played by somebody other than Doug Bradley. This time around, the part is played by Stephan Smith Collins:

Stephan Smith Collins - Pinhead

Stephan Smith Collins as Pinhead

Apparently, the reason for this 8th sequel is because Dimension Films didn’t want their rights to expire while working on the remake. Hellraiser: Revelations is directed by Víctor Garcia and comes to DVD sometime in 2011.

As for the Hellraiser remake, little is known about the cast (Doug Bradley apparently won’t be in that one either). However, we do know that it was recently scheduled to be directed by Pascal Laugier (Martyrs), who claims the film will be more of a “reboot” than a “remake.” Clive Barker said:

“I liked Martyrs a lot. I’m very excited at the idea of [Laugier] doing it. Pascal is a very talented filmmaker, obviously a lot more talented than I was when I stepped onto the sound stage on Hellraiser and I hadn’t really directed anything before… I am completely open and ready to be blown away. I don’t have any possessiveness about it. I just want people to have fun.”

However, we are reading conflicting reports – some of them suggesting that Laugier is off the film now. But Dimension Films has a new president of production – Brad Luff, who used to work for Sony. Deadline Hollywood says that Luff will finish production on Scream 4, then get moving on the Hellraiser remake as well as the remake of American Werewolf in London, Children of the Corn, and Scanners.

More news to be posted here when it comes.

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