Release the Hounds – Horror Gameshow

Contestants Brave Scary Challenges To Win Prize Money

October 1 2013 Categorized Under: Horror News No Commented
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A new horror gameshow is in the works called Release the Hounds, produced by London-based Gogglebox Entertainment. In the show, contestants have to complete a certain number of tasks to win prize money, which include braving a field of crucified scarecrows, exploring a deserted cabin, and “reading bedtime stories in the nursery from hell.” Ultimately, they’ll have to outrun very large hounds that will be chasing them (and guarding the chests of cash). The horror gameshow is said to contain “the scariest challenges ever endured on TV.”

horror game show "Release the Hounds"

Release the Hounds was filmed around the grounds of a country house in Hertfordshire, with the help of a camera drone. Britain’s channel ITV2 will air the show as a special later in October 2013. It will also be presented to international buyers at MIPCOM (Cannes).

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