Thai Artist Makes Body Parts Out Of Bread

Kittiwat Unarrom Creates Gruesome But Edible Artwork

February 28 2013 Categorized Under: Horror News No Commented
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Thai artist Kittiwat Unarrom has some unusual artwork – he creates gruesome depictions of body parts out of bread. His 2008 exhibition, called Body and the Dead, was certainly something to see.

Kittiwat Unarrom now works full time at his family’s bakery in Ratchaburi, Thailand, but he promises that you will only be able to buy regular bread there (he insists that his body-part bread is not for commercial purposes). The doughy body parts are wrapped in plastic like you might find at the supermarket.

Check out some images below (click the thumbnails) and see if you get hungry…

To achieve this authentically horrific aesthetic, Kittiwat spent a great deal of time studying anatomy and visiting forensic museums while at the same time working to improve the taste of his artworks. Said Kittiwat: “The first series was edible, but they were not delicious. And I don’t want art to just be an object of art; I want the audience to feel involved. I tried hard to make the artworks more and more flavorful.”

Attention Cannibals: This is probably the safest way to eat body parts and not get in trouble for it.

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