The Burning Moon: Special Friday the 13th Miami Screening

Free Showing Of Olaf Ittenbach’s Gorefest

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Fans of the underground German gorefest The Burning Moon can now rejoice – it’s getting a special Miami screening this Friday the 13th of April, 2012.

Borscht Corp, together with Severin Films and Intervision Picture Corp are presenting the rare screening of The Burning Moon at midnight, Friday the 13th. (Well, ok, that’s not technically Friday the 13th – look, just show up at the O-Cinema, 90 NW 29 Street, Miami, Florida, this Friday night).

The Burning Moon

The screening is free to the public and will be preceded by giveaways, exclusive/ vintage trailers selected by the staff of Borscht, and complimentary drinks (or as they put it: “free-flowing libations blessed by a Santeria priest.”)

You also get a poster and a copy of the new DVD release of The Burning Moon (and if a shot-on-cheap-video, 0-budget sickie like The Burning Moon can get a DVD release, then anything can!)

The poster is designed by artist Johnny Ryan (Blecky Yuckerella, Prison Pit) which glows in the dark! The night of the event will also mark the exclusive premiere of the song “Burning Mo0on” by Sleepwalking (a collaboration between ANR and Coral Morphologic).

Borscht Corporation

Based in Miami, Borscht creates short films and holds film festivals. The Borscht Film Festival shows films from local filmmakers, usually related to Miami. (To give you an idea, the short film The Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke tells the story of Luther Campbell (Luke Skyywalker) and the 2 Live Crew, followed by Luke becoming mayor, followed by a nuclear meltdown which turns Miami into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Oh yeah, it’s modeled after La Jetee!


O-Cinema is an independent cinema located in the Wynwood Arts District of Miami that shows first-run indie, foreign, art, and niche market films (like The Burning Moon). Right now they are showing Kill List.

The Burning Moon

The Burning Moon VHS

The Burning Moon was an underground film from 1992 that made the rounds in conventions and tape trading circles. Shot on video (probably S-VHS or something), it’s the brainchild of Olaf Ittenbach, the German splatter director. As Zack Carlson of the Alamo Drafthouse once said of the movie: The Burning Moon is “an anti-human masterpiece. There’s zero doubt that director Olaf Ittenbach was destined to either make this film or rape wolves.”

Ittenbach himself stars as a junkie who babysits his young sister and feeds her two horrific bedtime stories: the first is about a serial killer who massacres a family; another is about a country priest who rapes and murders before going to Hell. It’s all in German, and one person on AICN compared it to Boardinghouse and The Ripper. But story doesn’t matter here – just the gore, which the film delivers in spades.

So if low budget underground gore cinema is your thing, show up at the Miami O-Cinema this Friday night and watch dudes get ripped apart in Hell while drinking some brew. (no, you’re the ones drinking the brew).

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